I have worked in various disciplines of theatre, primarily Latin American theatre, for all of my professional life, since the late 1960s -- first as a producer Off Broadway for 14 years, then as an actor, then a director, then a writer, then a lecturer. I also paint, trained in oils and watercolors, and I studied classical piano 7 years.

As a writer I reviewed Off Broadway plays for the Soho Weekly News, where I also had a monthly column called “Escenarios,” on Latino theatre in New York. I have written many articles on Latin American theatre for U.S. theatre journals; I have written several plays, the most ambitious being Paper Wings, an impressionist piece on Frida Kahlo. For the last 15 years I have been working intermittently on a large book about Chilean artists, inside Chile and abroad, in all genres, during the Pinochet years and the influence they had on the political process there.

As you travel through my website you will see my productions with photos and reviews, my writing, my works-in-progress, some of my paintings, the lectures I offer, and my news. Please get in touch with me. I look forward to hearing from you.


“The attraction theatre has always held for me is its probing search for the depths of our humanity and its desire and ability to influence social change.

I believe that the most accurate recorded history of the politics and identity of a people or a nation lies in the history of its cultural life.”

Joanne Pottlitzer